Above is an appearance I did on Martha Stewart's show, filmed at her studio in Connecticut.  This was prior to 9/11/2001 and she graciously had me back after that terrible day as myself and several NYC firefighters were with me at her studio for the taping.  Some from Ladder 129 and several from Ladder 152. I was touched to find out that she had contacted the FDNY to find out if myself and any of the other firefighters who she'd met had perished that awful day. Thankfully, none that were at the studio that day but Stanley Smagala, a "probie" had worked with me in Engine 299/Ladder 152 was lost that day.

We did a summer grilling segment and please tune in and watch the segment. I've just starting writing for www.tbreporter.com highlighting recipes each month but will also be including cooking, exercise and nutrition tips. The most recent 4th of July recipe, FDNY Bananas Foster is a great way to actually make a dessert right on the grill!  If you watch the YouTube segment, in the second half, I demonstrate this recipe. It became one of Martha Stewart's favorites. Go to www.tbreporter.com click on the "Columns" tab...My Firehouse Kitchen to find the recipe, watch Martha and I prepare it!!



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