healthy firehouse cookbook


THE standard in firehouses around the world!  Over 150 healthy recipes from firefighters across the country,  kitchen tested by the worlds toughest food critics, hungry firefighters!  Some of the recipes have "firefighter" unique names like Chicken in a Cockloft, All Hands Meat Loaf and includes Joe's winning recipe in the FDNY Bake Off, Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake!  There is kitchen fire safety chapter and some comical stories that could only happen in a New York City firehouse kitchen!  A best seller on QVC at the time it was published and rave reviews in all the leading culinary magazines. Your book can be personally autographed to whomever you wish at your request.

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Firehouse Grill Cook Book - Joe Bonanno


 A terrific follow up to the Healthy Firehouse Cookbook! Over 150 "firefighter" tested grill recipes and includes a complete section on both gas and charcoal/wood grilling; proper lighting, temperatures, types of charcoal and woods, and of course a grilling safety chapter. The book contains unique marinades, rubs, sauces, side salads, slaws and dips and uses beef, chicken, fish, pork and lamb. Contained within are recipes like Monkfish with Red Bell Pepper Sauce, "Flashover" Pork Tenderloin, Red Devil Chicken(made for Martha Stewart Show appearance) and even a "dessert on the grill" chapter with a firehouse favorite, Mexican Bananas Foster!  Autographed at your request.


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Published in October 2012, this story speaks to being the best you can be with what you have to work with and that sometimes what you are is all you need to be. The story follows an elephant who is taken from his jungle home to a zoo in a big city! His sad plight turns around when a terrible fire occurs and the local firefighters turn to Monutza for help. The story and artwork will touch the hearts of all ages, young or old!   The fire trucks within and their company numbers are from NYC firehouses that both Joe and his brother Michael worked in; Engine 273, Ladder 129 and Ladder 7.  A special dedication is included among the first pages.  Autographed at your request to you or your child.  Also available in E-book format, order through

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