Health Benefits of Coffee, Especially Firefighters!

A firefighter from Rockford FD asked me to write an article for him on the benefits of coffee. Please visit his website
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Firefighters and Coffee

Hello Firefighters, my name is Joseph Bonanno and I am a veteran firefighter of the New York City Fire Department. I am also a trained chef, fitness trainer and nutritionist and Luke asked me to pass along the benefits of coffee for firefighters. First off, one of my first experiences walking into a firehouse (Engine 319) was that the "probie" was in charge of making the coffee. I'd never had a cup in my life nor had I made one! From what I could see, it was the traditional in kitchen beverage of choice in most firehouses, NYC in particular, . It is in most offices too.

I'll speak to the "social/emotional" side of coffee first, then it's great health benefits. New York can get mighty cold in winter and there certainly was this "warm and fuzzy" feeling about returning from a "good job" to the kitchen and having a hot cup of coffee to "defrost" from being covered in ice! Then, the general camaraderie around the coffee pot. It's the same with friends when wanting to settle some of life's problems, isn't it always "let's go get a cup of coffee". As you'll see from the health benefits, there are other good reasons.

Coffee, in moderation (3-5 cups a day) has substantial health benefits, especially for firefighters!  Studies have shown it can lower heart disease and susceptibility to stroke. It can lower the risk for diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes. It also has been shown to decrease Alzheimers and dementia. In exercise, it releases free fatty acids which help your body burn fat for fuel. A big one for firefighters, it lowers the risk of liver cancer. The liver is the "oil filter" of our blood, which is where toxins from inhaled substances get filtered!  It has also been known to decrease depression and PTSD, a risk in the fire service. Please refer to on firefighter suicide.

So, a hot cup of coffee which will bond you to firefighters and friends, turns out to be something healthy for us! Please visit my website at and I look forward to maybe sharing a cup of Fire Department Coffee with you!  With Deepest Respect, Joseph Bonanno

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