Dear Joe,
 Through an ironic twist of events, Ronzoni's partnership with The New York City Marathon and the FDNY has taken on a whole new meaning, unimaginable just a few weeks ago. To that end, we look to you for helping guide our proper role in context with the Marathon, the FDNY and the community at large.  Ronzoni has increased it's donation to $30,000 to the Widow and Children's Fund and Burn Center Foundation as well as dedicating the press conference and pasta party to the brave men and women of the FDNY. We have been kept abreast of your involvement at Ground Zero and hope and trust that your good deeds will overcome and drown out the anguish and pain. You and your fellow firefighters are heroes in the eyes of all Americans. During this emotional and difficult time, we appreciate your good counsel to do things right.
October 11, 2001  Gary Laeurman  Director of Ronzoni Pasta
Gary Laeurman Director of Ronzoni Pasta,