I just wanted to follow up and thank you for your graciousness throughout the event in New Jersey. You went out of your way to make sure you put on a great event for The Growing Stage. You helped them save money on travel, worked out the audio/visual issue and you were even willing to help them with the books despite it being contractually obligated.   It was an honor to work with you on this and I look forward to working with you on some great opportunities in the future.   Thanks again, Matt Uberseder Director of Marketing CelebExperts  

Ronzoni Pasta

Dear Joe,
 Through an ironic twist of events, Ronzoni's partnership with The New York City Marathon and the FDNY has taken on a whole new meaning, unimaginable just a few weeks ago. To that end, we look to you for helping guide our proper role in context with the Marathon, the FDNY and the community at large.  Ronzoni has increased it's donation to $30,000 to the Widow and Children's Fund and Burn Center Foundation as well as dedicating the press conference and pasta party to the brave men and women of the FDNY. We have been kept abreast of your involvement at Ground Zero and hope and trust that your good deeds will overcome and drown out the anguish and pain. You and your fellow firefighters are heroes in the eyes of all Americans. During this emotional and difficult time, we appreciate your good counsel to do things right.
October 11, 2001  Gary Laeurman  Director of Ronzoni Pasta

The Corporate HealthCare System

Dear Joe,
We appreciated your professional and dedicated work as a Certified Fitness Instructor at the Health Risk Assessment for the Corporate HealthCare System. Your time spent counseling each individual in reference to body composition and proper nutrition was of great benefit to our program. In addition, the behavioral recommendations that you provided to the participants were positively received by the sponsoring company.
The Corporate HealthCare System

Banyan Productions Food Fantasy

Dear Joe,
I just wanted to congratulate you for your outstanding participation in our recent episode of Food Fantasy. Your charm, personality and the natural chemistry you had with our guest, gave the show a real sheen. And of course, your ability to pick up the ball when things go awry provided for some great comedic moments in the program!
Michelle Clark, Banyan Productions

Fox and Friends

I wanted to thank you personally on behalf of New Line Cinema for cooking on Fox and Friends, promoting our new movie Frequency with Dennis Quaid as a NYC Firefighter. We look forward to seeing you at the screening!
Kristy Bernath  New Line Cinema Corporation

The Food Network and Pie Town Productions

Dear Joe,
On behalf of The Food Network and Pie Town Productions, we'd like to thank you for your help with our Firehouse Cooking Special. The program was a huge success and your time and effort was greatly appreciated.
Courtney MacGregor, Associate Producer, Firehouse Cooking/Pie Town Productions

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

Dear Joe,
May I thank you for your contributions of food, fun and of course, your wonderful rapport with and information to our audience.  You made our theater/cooking stage a shining star of the event.
Rose Koren Moody, Special Events Coordinator, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

Heublein Grand Chefs Festival

Dear Joseph,
We are very pleased that you have agreed to participate as one of our featured chefs in the annual Heublein Grand Chefs Festival in Hartford, CT.  An honorarium will be donated to the Hartford FD at your request.
Mike Seaver   Civic Center Mall, Hartford, CT

Providence Fire Department

Dear Joe,
On behalf of the Providence Fire Department, it is extremely rewarding to me to know that since the conference, many firefighters in Providence are using recipes from The Healthy Firehouse Cookbook on a regular basis for firehouse meals(my own station included.)  Furthermore, there is a much heightened awareness of the importance that diet and exercise play in overall firefighter health. J. Curtis Varone, Battalion Chief, Providence Fire Department

The Restaurant School, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Joseph,  Congratulations on your spectacular sold out presentation and recipe preparations at The Restaurant School. We were honored to donate the proceeds to the Philadelphia Burn Foundation at your insistence and both The Restaurant School and the Burn Foundation are eternally grateful. Lynne R. Byck  Director of Marketing  The Restaurant School, Philadelphia, PA

Skitch Henderson

Dear Joseph, I'm sorry I missed your performance at The Silo.  I heard nothing but raves when I arrived that I had missed one of the most delightful presentations of the season!  Skitch Henderson, The New York Pops and Silo Cooking School

Chief Alan Brunacini

Dear Joe, I want to thank you for taking the time to present at our Annual Health, Fitness and Safety Symposium. Your energetic presentation in "Firemanese" had everyone listening and learning-you didn't lose a person. You were able to motivate the group and reinforce your valuable message.   Chief Alan Brunacini, Chief of the Phoenix, AZ Fire Department